Enrolled patient fees as from 29th August 2016.


Under 13 years



13-17 years



17+ years


Please note there is an additional $5 charge for Saturday appointments
Prescriptions $12 Faxed prescriptions $15
Sexual health visits are free if you are under the age of 22 – Contraception under the age of 20
ACC Consultations $18.50
Maternity related consultations are free

These are consultation prices only – there are additional charges for materials, tests and reports outside of the normal consultation time.

Different charges apply to casual and non-enrolled patients and for other services.

Please note we do not run a credit system and fees are payable on the day.

If an account is not paid and no arrangements have been made with the Practice Manager these accounts may be passed on to a debt collection agency.
All costs incurred with this are passed on to the patient via the collection agency.